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Welcome to our e-Tail Shop where you can easily purchase the products we personally use in the Goddess Chamber located in Nevada City, California.
A powerful, results-driven, medical spa collection providing the perfect clinical approach to skincare, containing highly active ingredients such as peptides, stem cells, growth factors, retinol, and organic botanicals; these products complement and enhance the outcome of our treatments.
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Eve Taylor is the natural choice for beautiful skin. Founded by pioneering aromatherapist Eve Taylor OBE; we are passionate about natural skincare and enrich our products with the finest hand blended essential oils. Eve Taylor has harnessed the power of aromatherapy and organic botanical extracts for over 5 decades; making Eve Taylor products the number one choice when looking at products that deliver on all levels. 

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Smooth and refine~Additional finishing support to your basic skincare regime or when skin needs a little more refinement. Anti-ageing support for skin that requires more functionality to aid in combating the first signs of ageing.

Ultra Soothing




blue flower

Seal and protect~Nourishing emollients seal in moisture to maintain elasticity and provides solar protection against UV rays, one of the major causes of skin ageing. 


Aromatic Face Treatment Serums

Perfect partners provide additional booster support to your basic skin care regime or when skin needs a little more TLC.

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Revivify Illuminate Restore

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