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About Victoria and Alexandra

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Experience the Crystal Singing Bowls
Our Story
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Victoria Cook created her private practice of skincare, which is more than a facial treatment, utilizing organic clinical products. A seasoned beauty expert, licensed aesthetician, and makeup artist, she became known as “FG” (Face Goddess) by her treasured fans, some of whom have been loyal for

over twenty years.

Victoria believes all women should feel their own beauty. Transformation occurs with a learned regimen of care for our most visible asset–

our face.

Becoming an aesthetician provided the perfect platform of expression for Victoria to give the gifts and benefits she personally acquired from her earlier years as a student and instructor of beauty,

to the women in her care.


Victoria annually attends advanced educational conferences relative to skincare, health, and anti-aging. By pursuing certifications in complementary alternative healing practices, she has crafted a masterful treatment which is more than

simply a facial–

it has become a spiritual attunement.


Accolades for her work have been publicized. For over twenty years, consistent word of mouth advertising and returning clients attest to the blessing of holding the faces of the most eclectic women, which includes local families and their friends extending from coast to coast and internationally.  Victoria asserts that this is the highest honor and compliment for one’s work.   

Our Philosophy
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We believe in providing a sanctuary for comfort and relaxation crafted with love,

intention and skill.

We are inspired by the art of beauty; it is the bestowal

of our senses.

We serve women who value their health, adapting an attitude of "agelessness" or

"aging gratefully".

She may be in a transition, beginning a new life chapter, and experience and quality are important to her. 


     We believe in the awareness of Mind, Body, and Spirit;

we are what we

Eat, Drink, and Think.

This begins with the face,

      self-care, and maintenance of our most visible asset, our face.

       The women we serve share this philosophy with their daughters, or granddaughters,

and with friends.

Because they glow from within, their faces reflect the energy of gratitude to be alive! Everyone they encounter wants to ask, "What are you doing?"


As a scholar and educator, Victoria is passionate to share this truth and knowledge of natural skincare and the art of natural makeup.


Our face is our most visible asset; it truly reveals a memory to the world around us.

As our most visual vehicle of communication, our face reflects our health and inner being.


The maintenance of our skin is the honoring of ourselves and a journey to “aging gratefully”.

A healthy glowing complexion is achieved through regular treatments supported with a personal home care ritual along with customized 

personal skincare products.

With integrity, we offer the service and products we personally would

love to receive.

In heartfelt gratitude

we proudly welcome the opportunity to serve you with the

Finest Facial Experience.


Alexandra Lee is inspired and motivated to achieve her life path for serving her clients–sharing her unique gifts, talents, and allowing clients to feel and see how beautiful they really are, inside and out.


Ally grew up in the beauty industry with her mother, Victoria Cook, as her role model. She was destined to be a part of this community of talented individuals focused on beauty. Weekends for young Alexandra were spent being either a demonstration subject for her mother’s students or an enthralled observer of her mentor-mother at work with students or clients. It’s no wonder that the beauty industry became an early destination on her life-path.


While in her early twenties, Alexandra attended cosmetology school where she developed an absorbing and stimulating interest in the aesthetician program. She graduated in 2010 and proceeded to develop her professional practice as a licensed aesthetician.


As a professional in partnership with her mother, Alexandra most loves and enjoys the people and the connections she makes, while providing a service where clients are heard, needs are met, and she can help them achieve their desired look. Alexandra's goal is to make her clients feel relaxed and comfortable while educating them regarding their specific needs for skincare.


Being a firm believer in health, wellness, and transforming beauty from inside and out, she is proud to share a lifestyle of self-care important to every single woman who enters the goddess chambers of

Aesthetics by Victoria Cook.

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The Experience
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“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it is your world for a moment.” ~Georgia O’Keefe

It is truly magical how an experience can arouse a passion for life–

as the sun’s ray to a seed; a seed to a blossom.

Beauty became my passion as a young child while observing my grandmother’s

reverence for flowers.

This seed of beauty continued, nurtured by my mothers’ gift to me of Charm and Finishing School, blossoming into a career of beauty. The life-path and experience authorizing the question,

“What is beauty?”


Decades later, I was in Mount Shasta, California, sitting in the presence of Ashana, an internationally respected sound healer, participating as a student in a mastery crystal singing bowl retreat. The memory and fascination for Egyptian art, design, and rituals of self-care returned as a light beam when I heard the words that sound healing and vibration may have had its birth in Egypt: “The musicians were the physicians”. 


The knowledge and initiation into vibrational sound healing awakened the interconnection of the products I choose in my practice, along with the hands-on administrations of the massage technique, reiki, reflexology, lymphatic release, gemstones, and aromatherapy. This entrainment became an integral part of creating my practice.


Our intention is foremost, and each component of the experience I offer holds a vibration. The products I have been guided to utilize in a treatment, or recommend for a home regimen, share a synergy. I believe that with the gift of placing one’s hands upon another’s face, an intimate energetic transformation occurs.


The finest facial experience is multi-sensory and illustrative of this synergy, and it is much more than a facial, alone. The experience will arouse in you, a passion for life.

"The wonderful beautiful person that you are on the inside is what enhances the outer beauty you have. Embrace It!"

~Michelle D Garrett

Our Products
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We are honored to share the products created by two amazing women.

 Eve Taylor Organic Aromatherapy 

Eve is known in the UK as the “mother of aromatherapy”, with over five decades of experience and awarded the

O.B.E. Award for her work.


An organic botanical clinical based product designed for the correction and management of aging skin, created by Trish Green, Homeopath, Aesthetician, Educator for over 25 years in all intriguing levels of woman’s health.

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"My first treatment was exquisite! I had no idea it would be a multi-sensual experience that would soothe me right down to my soul and make me feel like a goddess. I'm continuing to use the products at home, and I love the lasting effects. I feel beautiful every day, and so blessed to have Victoria teach me how to age "gratefully". 
                       ~Susan Davis, Nevada City
"You know this woman is gifted at her art, because as long as I've gone to her for facials (over ten years!), there is always a waiting list for new clients. Receiving one of Victoria's facial treatments is an experience of being transported into a world of deep relaxation, calming of the mind, and integration of the senses. You leave with a glowing complexion, calm in your soul, and a skip in your step!"
                    ~Dee Anne Dinelli, Nevada City
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