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Aromatic Face Serums & Diffusor Blends 

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The Aromatic Face Serums

These amazing blends add a unique Nutritional Booster step to your skincare regimen.

The therapeutic benefit begins as you inhale while applying just a few

drops to your face.

Carefully read the description for each Serum, No.1 through No.6.

Select the one most appropriate for your present skin condition.

The Aromatic Face Serums are to be used after cleansing;

before toner and moisturizing.

Note: See steps in the Personal Home Care Ritual on Our Services page.


Diffuser Blends - For Harmony and Wellbeing

Aromatherapy has a profound effect on the body’s well-being.

The Diffuser Blends are for use with any diffuser.

They can be used in a car diffuser or a personal diffuser locket.

My favorite is to use a few drops in my shower, inhaling the blend

of choice for that moment.

Note: Read each description, selecting the blend for your individual needs.

    Essential oils and blends are never to be ingested.

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